Supporting Human Exploration

Step 1: Earth

Curbing Global Warming

Maana's technologies offer a real and short term solution to solving the biggest problem the Earth experiences today. Maana aims to build large scale solar parks in deserts around the world to power our ever growing demand for electricity.

We believe that our approach will allow us to curb global warming and meet global sustainability goals for power generation.

Step 2: The Moon

Becoming a space faring civilisation

Maana aims to build power infrastructure on the Moon, allowing companies and space agencies to buy power on the Moon as easily as they do on Earth.

By building solar panels using the local resources, Maana can vastly reduce the launch mass required. Mass is the single biggest cost driver in the space industry, therefore by producing on the Moon, Maana can vastly reduce the cost of power.

Step 3: The solar system

Powering human ambition

Maana's ultimate goal is to provide power wherever humanity aims to go. Whether Mars, Venus or the moons of Jupiter, Maana will be there to build humanities power infrastructure. Multi-planetary life only becomes possible with access to large amounts of power.

Whether it is for life support, manufacturing, robotics or exploration, Maana will power humanity's journey to the stars.

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